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Shall we get a bit personal ...


A wife to an extremely talented musician, mother of our two gorgeous babies and not forgetting our handsome four legged boy, Vinnie the Hungarian Vizsla!


I hear you ask if I truly understand what it feels like to be in your shoes, the answer should be a simple YES, but there was nothing simple about our wedding, let me give you the back story ... 

The big dream wedding was planned for 2nd May 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed that, so everything was put on hold. The lovely people on my celebrant course created an online wedding celebration for us so the date didn't go unnoticed and the wonderful Wynne Evans, also known as the Go Compare man sang us a beautiful opera piece and our online wedding featured on the ITV news!!


Fast forward to November when I fell pregnant with our son, I always wanted the same name as my future children so in April 2021 we got legally hitched in a mini ceremony whilst six months pregnant. Once I gave birth, that's it the old wedding celebrations were back on!


We moved everything to April 2022, the big party ... surrounded by stunning views of the Brecon Beacon at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain we celebrated our marriage with closest family and friends, but no drinking for me as I found out I was pregnant AGAIN! How many people do you know that have been pregnant at both of their weddings? 

What a story!! And it's all true ... I did leave out that we attempted our wedding six times in total, that's the stuff nightmares are made of. Never ever would I want any of my brides to go through this experience ... despite the dramas, tears, financial loss and everything inbetween, I feel lucky to have had such a wonderful and understanding husband by my side and two children to come out of this chaos.

Random knowledge for you ...

  • Myself and my husband travelled the world before settling down and during our wild adventures the best one yet (before our children) was being proposed to at the top of Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand during a heli hike which was EPIC!

  • As a child I was in the audience of 'Diggit' which Ant & Dec with Cat Deeley presented, one day they asked me to hold a hedgehog, talk about lucky! 

  • Myself and Pete met overseas while living in Kefalonia, Greece. We both worked for Thomson holidays, I was the Event Manager and Pete my resident musician. After this contract, I flew out to Gran Canaria, and Pete to Egypt, but our love brought us both home to the UK.

  • I performed in Aladdin on stage with Cobra from the gladiators, and Tony from Hollyoaks. 

  • My favourite food is chocolate, now I know its a snack but to me I could eat it for every single meal. When I was five years old, I even wrote a song called 'chocolate in the morning'. 


Think I'm a match for you?

Get in touch to discuss your wedding requirements now .. don't let your date get snapped up!

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